the 12 defects of iOS 7 existing in the system

With the fifth test version of the iOS 7 system, user expectations for iOS 7 is close to the table. But there is also a person more rigorous review of excellence, to find out the current iOS system still exist 12 defects.155230989Business Insider website reporter kyle Mr. Russell, find the iOS system still exist 12 defects. To be sure, they are not a BUG, but lack of the insufficiency of the design or function.


1. Not the custom in lock screen state which can quickly open the camera application

Although fast camera is really great, but I’m afraid a lot of people want to use is not apple devices bring camera application, such as skin care camera, baidu magic figure, etc. 7 but the iOS system has the function of quick photos, can only enter the built-in camera application.


2. The voice input the position of the buttons on the keyboard is very bad

Voice input button next to the most commonly used in the blank space key, which not only cause the pressing, the most important is, need to wait for a second to exit.

3. The signal is poor in big cities

This domestic users don’t know if you have any experience, the website reporter said to be in San Francisco and New York, always not receive signal. Editorial thought, should be the problem of operator.

4. The ugly new icon

The site reporters that Safari, Photos, and Game Center’s icon is particularly bad. Editors believe, however, icon, beauty and ugliness, completely different from person to person, the aesthetic is different, have different look and feel for icon.


5. Siri is far than Google Now is poor

Siri is good, the notice on the iOS 7 center does better than the previous version. But on Android and iOS version of Google Search application after using Google Now, Siri is much less.

6. Unable to change the default email application

This cannot be changed with quick camera application. Maybe many people don’t like to use apple’s own Mail application, hoping to send E-mail, can choose to use other Mail application.

7. Im autocorrect function is bad, can’t use any other keyboard

Apple automatic correction function of the input method is notoriously bad, but does not allow users to switch to other keyboard.

8. The lack of the widget

IOS 7 system still does not support custom shortcuts or widgets.

9. The battery life

Life is a topic of smart devices said forever.

10. Don’t change the default browser

Apple does not allow a third party such as Chrome browser application as the default browser. This let users accustomed to using other browser, outside the open chain when the complicated operation.

11. Don’t quit text dialogue

IOS 7 system with the function of the text, this let a person very excited. But it can only be kept receiving until no one again hair a mass text messages. Although can block your number, but the flood of text, if can’t block, is quite a headache.

12. The backup process needs to be improved

Wireless backup is a great new features, but time backup to the cloud is too long. If you can let the user to specify the backup to a part of content, more perfect.

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