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patent documents show Nokia would develop smart watches

The patent and trademark office (USPTO) on Thursday announced nokia submitted in August last year, about “how sections of wearable spare parts (multi – segment wearable accessory)” application for a patent. The patent describes a user can adjust itself, including the different functions of smart watches. In order to realize such functions, nokia smart watch will be equipped with multiple pieces of display screen, so as to meet the needs of different users.
Nokia smart watch different screen will display different content, users can turn the smart watches, let oneself need that piece of display screen in the position of the wrist positive. Regardless of the screen to the positive position, the display will be activated immediately, and show the user the required information.
Nokia to file an application for a patent for the appended drawings, according to the smart watch each screen support touch technology. Nokia said in the patent application documents, the idea is to let people simply through the body of a place, such as people’s wrist – can access and view all they will usually carry devices, including smartphones and gaming devices, etc.
Like other companies, submit an application for a patent for nokia does not make any problem. In many cases, these companies would probably never will be in an application for a patent for design to the market, so now can’t say whether nokia in the future will launch a smart watch. Even if really wait for nokia to launch such a device, it may be in the face of the fierce competition in the samsung and apple.

Internet Of Things

With Oracle and Freescale depth cooperation, Java will unify the Internet of things?

Mentioned the Internet of things, always too much controversy on the choice of operating system, which is suitable for data transmission protocol, and even the most basic processing site (local or the cloud).1234
Does seem to have controversial about the reasons, when need to deal with things very urgent, however, whether from the cloud, or use a bloated system will not be favorred. Based on the thinking of these questions, Oracle and Freescale depth cooperation in the field of Internet of things, to create protocol translation and software stack based on Java. As part of the cooperation, Freescale will unite the Java community process (JCP) working group, to join hands in Oracle and other members of the JCP push Java platform standard specifications.
Freescale is the pioneer of embedded processing technology for a long time, how to use its technology to accelerate innovation, and easy to use.it is very insightful, use their professional skills and insights, to help the Java platform to develop and flourish in the era of Internet of things.
By Freescale Kaivan Karimi learned that run method is based on a lightweight Java sensor, it will communicate with a “box”, and the “box” the various Internet protocols can be translated. The “box” to run the Oracle Java SE Embedded, by based on ARM architecture A9 core Freescale i.M X 6 series application processor.
Karimi said in an interview, based on Java to make the system has a very strong popularity, at the same time will not bring additional restrictions to programmers and equipment manufacturers. Fundamentally, the idea is to make the “box” undertake all protocol translation, so you can complete any scenario device connected.
The “box” also has been connected to the equipment needs real-time data processing ability, and can be based on demand to the rest of the data uploaded to the cloud. Here, the Oracle tool to complete the processing of data, while the client can choose according to need any tool. The local processing can effectively reduce the latency and overhead.
The “box” will be the first to use in the field of household, covering all commonly used protocols in this field, and the subsequent products will gradually develop to commercial application. While establishing a new system will be more efficient, but given the present many products have used different connection device, the effect of translation equipment.
Of course, this idea is just one of many efforts in the field. At the same time based on memory and processing performance can meet the needs of Java, many people doubt whether Java is more suitable for sensor. But this kind of ecological system construction efforts, really worthy of praise.


Apple: new iPhone demand “amazing”

On September 21, news, according to foreign media reports, local time, apple said on Friday, the market demand for new iPhone “amazing”, part of the iPhone 5 s sold out.
Apple a representative to science and technology website AllThingsD said, “the market demand for the new iPhone has been surprising, some iPhone 5 s in our part of the store has sold out or only limited supply.” Apple declined to provide further details of the company listed on the new product in the first week’s sales figures is generally not announced before the weekend.
As media previously reported, the iPhone 5 s golden shipment until October, while the silver and grey both products delivery time to wait for 7 to 10 days. Several mobile operators to AllThingsD said earlier this week, and they expect the iPhone 5 s golden in serious shortage status. A source this several mobile operators inventory described as “grossly inadequate”.
At the same time, the supply of the iPhone 5 c seems to be more abundant. The apple store, according to the information published the product all color delivery time as long as 1 to 3 days. According to the Wall Street journal reported that, according to sources in the face of such strong demand, apple has asked the supplier to golden iPhone 5 s production increase by a third.

Smart Watch

samsung will be released early next year another smart watches

On September 17, there are media reports that samsung plans released in early 2014 fastest another smart watches products. New products will join the GPS, equipped with better battery, and can and other android device synchronization.20130917053621d77ff
Samsung Samsung released on September 4th Gear smart watches products drawn criticism from industry analysts. They said the battery power can last more than a day, only a little lack of GPS and Galaxy Note 3 only and only a device matching work (samsung said this product in the future will be and other Galaxy phone synchronization).
After media said of evaluation, samsung Gear limited battery life is the most disappointing place the device. Added a “need to recharge every day things again and again when go out much with a charger,” the report said.
Samsung has always been in a quick response to market changes, and changing consumer tastes. So many big Gear is just a trial, in business a try. Although there are many shortcomings, Gear price is still as high as $299 in the United States, shows that this product may only be a few early adopters locate sales object.
As long as samsung improved battery life, Gear and other smart watches can borrow form a complete set of potential applications. EBay, offline reading software Pocket, RunKeeper, Path and Line message application has joined the camp of the application of the device, samsung’s own short message service AppsChatOn can also run on Gear.